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Chasing Indomie

Directed and Animated by Stanley Soendoro (

Chubby Rig modeled by Billy Butler, rigged using AdvancedSkeleton.

Programs Used: 

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Collaborative Project | Environment Supervisor, Look Development and Surfacing TD, Lighter, Hero Asset Rigger

Summer 2020 

Chubby's friends play a prank on him and make him chase for his lunch, a delicious packet of widely famous Indonesian instant noodles, Indomie Goreng. 


Stanley Soendoro - Director, Animator

Shannon Widjaja (myself) - Environment Supervisor, Prop Modeler & Rigger, Look Development & Surfacing TD, Lighter


Ignatius Jonathan - Environment Modeler, Prop Surfacing Artist, Compositor

Benita Krisno - Environment Modeler

Lauryn Vania - Sound Design

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