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Eileen the Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Programs Used: 

Personal Project | Texturing and Lighting

Fall 2020 | 3 week project

Responsible for all aspects except for modelling

Aside from creating immersive environments, capturing stunning environments and heartfelt moments is my other passion. I am also very close to my family so I wanted to dedicate a project to my parents by featuring them. My family didn't have much and certainly didn't have a camera as fancy as this one but that didn't stop them from capturing every single moment of our family and my childhood. 

For this project, I created texture maps for both the brand new version and aged version of the materials. The goal of this project was to push the realism of the scene.

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The Process


Reference Gathering

I started the project by collecting references for each material I'm going to create. I do not own any of the reference photos.

Texture Pass 01


I added the pattern to the turtle using a procedural generator on Substance Painter. After closer inspection to the references, I realize that the patterns on the head and the flipper is actually a lot bigger compared to what I had.


The same procedural was used for the shell which did not work since the procedural was more random and asymmetrical whereas Loggerheads have a mostly symmetrical shell.

Texture Pass 02


I changed the sizing of the procedural generator applied on the head and the flippers. 

Texture Pass 03


Added dirt and grime on the turtle to show time passing and how the environment affected the turtle.

Render Test 01 - New Version


Played around with Arnold atmospheric fog and lighting to create noise and make the sea more believable. 

Final Render - New Version

Added caustics that reflect on the turtle's skin using the gobo function in Maya.

Final Render - Old Version

Added caustics that reflect on the turtle's skin using the gobo function in Maya.

Texture Breakdown Video

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