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Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Environment

Personal Project | Environment building

Spring 2020 | 10 week project

This sci-fi laboratory is loosely based on the 2013 blockbuster, Pacific Rim. The movie is about enormous creatures called Kaiju that emerged from the sea to destroy humankind.     I  chose to do the science lab where scientist Newt and Gottlieb conduct experiments on Kaiju remains. The lab has a cyberpunk sci-fi aesthetic. I wanted it to look a bit cluttered and feel as if these scientists spent most of their time here. 

The Process:
I started a little backwards this time where I started building the hero assets one by one and then finally compiling it into the environment when everything was done.

Programs Used: 

Maya Logo.png
Arnold Logo.png
Adobe Photoshop Logo.png
Substance Painter Logo.png
Sci-fi laboratory pitch idea
The Lab

Individual Prop Close Up

Props Close Up

Close up of the individual props

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