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Directed by Jordan Fleming 

Hex Limit Poster designed by Julia Kartcheva

SCAD Animation Studios Collaborative Film | 3D Environment and Lighting Artist | Summer 2020 - August 2021 | coming soon!

Hex Limit tells the story of a not-so-classical witch who races to win the title of a champion through a cyber-fantasy city! 

As part of the environment team, I was in charge of creating assets and also blocking out the environments for the animators to create pre-viz to visualize the film and how it is flowing. I modeled and textured the assets to be passed on to the lighting team. Something I learned over the course of creating textures for assets, is to present them under neutral lighting.

As we wrapped up with the environments and set dressing, I joined the lighting team and my familiarity with the environments sets helped me with creating the master lighting rigs. The master light rigs for each environment set are then used for each shot lighter as the basis of each lighting.

Programs Used: 

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Hex Limit and all assets are properties of the SCAD Animation Studios.




Being part of the team since the very beginning and starting out as an environment artist, I was very familiar with the pipeline as well as the very environment sets that needed to be lit. I worked on sequences 6, 7, and 14's master lighting. The master light rig will then be used in each shot lighter's scene to maintain consistency between the shots. In addition to working on master light rigs, I had also worked on individual character shot lighting. 

Look Developmen and Surfacing

Look Development and Surfacing

Texturing and shader building for various assets and environments

Assets and Prop - Models and UV Layout

Assets and props I developed for the Hex Limit short film. Most of the models are based on art by the concept department. All the assets are not textured yet and only have shaders applied to some of them to better visualize the mood. 

Assets and Props
Environment Blockout

Environment Blockouts & Set Dressing

Environment blockouts are used to help the animators understand object placement of the scene. The blockout is used in previsualization created by the animation department to create a 3D version of the animatic. The blockout are eventually replaced by actual assets.