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Ho Diec Food Storage

Personal Project | Modeling, Look Development, Lighting and Compositing

Spring 2021 | 3 week project

Ho Diec Food Storage Room is a CG recreation of a 2D concept art by Tian Gan. I am responsible for all CG aspects.

The Ho Diec Tribe is set in a reimagined world of Horizon Zero Dawn created by Tian Gan. While I have never played Horizon Zero Dawn before, I have watched the gameplay and I am an avid lover of open world games. I wanted to convey a lived-in environment and push my abilities to model, texture, light and composite a scene. This project was an opportunity for me to also Maya's fluid system by creating a smoke just like in the concept. Check out the final render and the breakdown video below!  

Modeling - Maya and ZBrush

Surfacing and LookDev - Photoshop, Substance Painter, Mari

Lighting and Rendering - Arnold

FX - Maya Fluid System

Compositing - After Effects & Nuke

Programs Used: 

Maya Logo.png
Zbrush white BG.png
Adobe Photoshop Logo.png
Substance Painter Logo.png
Mari Logo.png
Arnold Logo.png
After Effects.png

The Process

Breakdown Video

The Process

New Comp WIP

Reference Gathering

I started the project by collecting references for the different modeling styles and also the look I wanted to go for. Since the concept itself was a version of Horizon Zero Dawn reimagined, I knew I wanted to stick to a more semi-realistic style. 




. I do not own any of the reference photos.

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