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Photography: the world through my eyes

My love for photography, much like my love for environments, began with Lego. I was fascinated with the possibilities of telling stories using my Lego figurines, to which I started taking photographs of them. I carried my Lego figurines everywhere when I was younger, documenting my travels with them in the frame. That passion increased exponentially when I received my first ever camera. 

Photography has made me pay much more attention to the world and appreciate it more than I ever could. I enjoy a lot of documentary photographs that capture the world for what it is. Brandon Stanton (Humans of New York) is one of my greatest inspirations with his ability to capture emotional depth within his work, and I hope that someday my work can also reflect that. 

Banjarnegara Teaching Project

Banjarnegara Teaching Project

Banjarnegara, Indonesia | 2016 - 2018

A student-led teaching project to help combat the lack of education in public schools in rural Banjarnegara, Indonesia. My friends and I visit a primary school SDN Karangkobar at Banjarnegara, Indonesia and taught students from grades one through three English, Math and Social Studies. Prior to the trip, we raised funds to buy the school supplies and sports equipments.

Wildlife Photography

Collection of wildlife photography

Animal Photography

Misc. Photography

Misc. Street Photography

Collection of miscellaneous street photography

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