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The New and The Old

Personal Project | Texturing and partial modeling

Fall 2020 | 3 week project

Responsible for all aspects except for camera model.

Programs Used: 

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Aside from creating immersive environments, capturing stunning environments and heartfelt moments is my other passion. I am also very close to my family so I wanted to dedicate a project to my parents by featuring them. My family didn't have much then and certainly didn't have a camera as fancy as this one but that didn't stop them from capturing every single moment of our family and my childhood. 

For this project, I created texture maps for both the brand new version and aged version of the materials. The goal of this project was to push the realism of the scene. The most interesting part of this project was studying how the film negative would age and the decay of its gelatin coating. 


The Process

The Process

Reference Gathering

I started the project by collecting references for each material I'm going to create. I do not own any of the reference photos.

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