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Crunchyroll Xbox Commercial

Programs Used: 

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MAKE Internship | Modeling, Look Development, Lighting, Camera Layout

Summer 2021

This is one of the commercials I worked on during my internship at MAKE. I am responsible for some of the building models, set dressing, camera layout and the blimp model, look development, and lighting. The blimp is one of the two fully 3D asset in the commercial. I experimented with the V-Ray toon shading shader to create a look that matches the 2D animation of the commercial. I am also responsible for the fish blinking animation, which was created by animated textures.

Check out the full-length 60 second commercial below!

Modeling - 3dsMax

Surfacing and LookDev - Substance Painter, Photoshop

Lighting and Rendering - V-Ray

Full 60 Second Commercial

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